Junior & Senior High

Spiritual Instruction

We comprehensively teach biblical truths throughout our subjects, as the Bible is pertinent to all areas of learning. Daily Bible classes include prayer, Bible stories, and the learning of scripture verses and stories. A chapel service is conducted each Friday.

Academic Instruction

Gospel Light's secondary curriculum is selected eclectically, using Abeka books and Bob Jones University Press primarily. Please contact the school office for more details regarding the secondary curriculum.

High School Graduation Requirements

Each course is one unit unless otherwise indicated. A student must accumulate a minimum of 24 units in grades 9th through 12th in order to receive a high school diploma. Any specific changes in the prescribed curriculum must meet with the approval of the administration.

It is suggested, but not required, that students retake classes in which they earn below average grades (“D's” and “F's”). Although credit is awarded for classes in which students earn a “D” or above, it should be noted that college admissions standards may require a “C” or higher.

Seniors who fail a required course, or are deficient in the units needed to graduate, may participate in graduation exercises, provided they are only deficient in three units or less. They will not, however, receive a diploma until all units are completed.

All students must take a minimum of three classes during every semester they are enrolled in Gospel Light Christian School, one of which must be a Bible course. Regardless of student's class-load, they are required to attend all chapel services and to be available to meet with administration when necessary.

The following courses are high school requirements for a College Preparatory diploma from Gospel Light Christian School.

Bible – 4 units

English – 4 units

Mathematics – 4 units

  • Algebra 1 – 1 unit
  • Algebra 2 – 1 unit
  • Geometry – 1 unit
  • Consumer Math or Advanced Math – 1 unit

Oral Communication — ½ unit

Social Studies – 4 units

  • Civics – 1 unit
  • World History – 1 unit
  • US History – 1 unit
  • Government/Economics – 1 unit
  • Geography – 1 unit

Science – 3 units

  • Anatomy & Physiology – 1 unit
  • Biology – 1 unit
  • Chemistry – 1 unit
  • Physical Science – 1 unit
  • Physics– 1 unit

Career Focus – 6 units

Digital Learning Course –1 unit

Fine Arts – ½ unit (art, drama, music)

Health and Safety – ½ unit

Physical Education – ½ unit

Technology – 1 unit

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