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Enabling emerging adults to adapt and succeed.

About Limitless

Limitless is a budding non-profit based in Boise, ID founded by Abel Hancock in 2018.

Abel's experience as an emerging adult in a complicated world inspired him to make a difference for other emerging adults.

After searching in vain for an organization or community to help emerging adults adapt to change and be successful he realized it was an ongoing need with no solution. It inspired him to found Limitless – the non-profit organization with a mission to help emerging adults.

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Friends hanging out

We exist for your success.

Our Mission

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Our Team

We are here for your success! We are a small team of passionate individuals ready to help you become the best you can be! We've been there before, moving from teen years to young adults is difficult. We want to make it easy.

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The Blog

Updates. Press Releases. Stories. See what we've been up to at Limitless! Blog posts are written by out team and guests.

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